Spectrum Stock is a library of commercial-quality photos focused on cover-worthy photography, including book covers and album covers.

Our shoot concepts cover a wide range of genres, including fantasy, suspense, romance, and erotica.The subjects and themes of these photos range from specific genres like urban fantasy, suspense and romance to more abstract and artistic visual concepts more suited for literary fiction and album covers.

We’re interested in shooting an intersectional representation of people largely absent from most stock photography, from different ethnic backgrounds, gender and sexual identities, as well as age and body types.

Spectrum Stock is the creative enterprise of Jim Fisher, a Los Angeles photographer dedicated to bringing some much-needed diversity to the world of book cover stock photography. His objective with this project is to create a substantial library of high-quality, creative photography that serves two purposes; to support his effort to make a living as a professional photographer and to satisfy his creative needs as an artist.

You can follow this project on Instagram at @spectrum.stock.

Spectrum Stock works in collaboration with The Artful Cover, a book cover design boutique by Michele Fisher.